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Post by sneasel on Fri May 06, 2016 4:20 am

The Site-wide rules are in effect.

This means a few things.
1) No dox.Do not drop the personal information of private individuals (name, address, place of employment, etc.)
2) No trolling or weening attempts (you won't be funny; just banned)
3) Posts should be on topic to the subject (if you have nothing to add to the current discussion, start a new one or hold your thoughts)
4) Be Civil to your fellow community members. Try not to start flame wars (be frank and honest, but if someone has brought you to the point of insult it is time to back away from discussion)
5) Do not divulge personal information. It's best to stay anonymous (Some people are creepy enough to keep entire dossiers on other people to use when their feelings are hurt. don't fill someone's binder for them)
6) When possible/necessary, archive your links. will do this. will save tweets.

Universal Lolcow category's Golden Rule:
Original Posts (OPs) should be detailed and explain why the lolcow is a lolcow. Why do you laugh at them? Give many examples.

SocJus Specific Rules:
1) If you feel someone is not a SocJus, it is appropriate to debate why or why not, however Global Rule 4 is in effect.
2) Do not bait SJWs to join. They typically will add nothing to discussion.
3) Post content relating to their SJW status. Posting unrelated content just to embarrass and harass without the purpose of contributing to the humor of discussion is the essence of ween.
4) Don't make the thread about you and your beliefs.


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