Onision / UhOhBro / Gregory Daniel Jackson

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Onision / UhOhBro / Gregory Daniel Jackson

Post by Commander on Wed Jul 13, 2016 9:44 pm


Onision, real name Gregory Daniel Jackson, is an attention seeking youtuber that used to make videos like "I'm a Banana" but now thinks he's an expert on politics and feminism. He condescendingly talks down to women who disagree with his opinions on feminism (ie anti-feminist women) and calls them ungrateful and stupid. He even goes so far to identify himself as a feminazi. On top of literally being a feminazi, he's also a vegan, an extreme anti-theist, and has a cult of pre-teen fanboys and fangirls dedicated to their dear leader and eat up everything he says.

To the rest of the world however, the man is a laughingstock. He has even attracted a sizeable hatedom, one of which in particular has been directly compared to him in terms of being a complete moron and easily enraged assclown.


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