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AH/RT Fanfiction

Post by cryoryan on Tue May 31, 2016 9:45 pm

I recently created an account on AO3 and have been reading a ton of mavin fanfiction so I thought I would post some that I thought were really great. Please link any you think are great (specifically in the Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter fandom).

The Waiting Room by raginghappily
30 by Raexneol
Fuck-It-Up Like Free by PAPERSK1N
Unprecedented by ZazzyZ
Shards of Innocence by BlazingStarInInkyBlackness
Joke's On Me by Raexneol

Again, feel free to add more. I currently have 4 fics open in my tabs to read and the "Gavin Free/Michael Jones" and "Mavin" tag searches open lol. Maybe I'll read some Raywood soon; I suddenly am a hoe for it clown


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